Down To Earth Hypnosis will help you get fit and stay healthy!


About Martin:

Hi I am Martin a qualified hypnotherapist.

I have worked for years now on helping lots of clients to find a better healthier life.

I trained with the Institute of clinical hypnosis in 2001.

I work from home and I am also mobile.


I offer weight loss, smoking cessation in one session ,stress release,phobias release,help with exams depression and more

I can work in business,groups and on a one to one basis.

 Please contact me on 07709602800 for a free assesment


We also offer Reflexology to help with stress, menapause, sciatica and lots of other conditions

Indian Head Massage for migranes,headaches, and sinus problems

Life Coaching to help you set goals and move on 

Louise Hay Counselling to help you "Heal your life" find happiness with self nurturing and more. 

please call us for more details. 

Watch Martin Ottewill on the Holistic show, do a session with Laurene Hope from Moving on tv as he puts her into a trance to release the stigma and answers questions about Hypntherapy.

What Hypnotherapy is and what it isn't:
Hypnotherapy helps the client to access their own inner resources,to manage their lives and overcome internal issues and problems. By achieving both a relaxed physical and mental state,the client can access his or her subconscious mind and can accept beneficial suggestions.

What is isn't: The client is always in control and cannot made to perform against his or her will.



"I felt very energized and relaxed and enthused about life after a session with Martin.

I havent smoked since xmas and my family and I are very grateful for this" F.O Beaconsfield


"I can now squeeze into that lovely bikini I have wanted to wear for years.

I have learnt a new healthy way of eating and caring about myself and my image

It was a pleasure working with Martin as he has a lovely gentle manner and really cares" J.T Cambridgeshire


"I experienced Martins work while going into labour with my son Jay.

Martin's voice on the tape was calming and made me feel safe, and I didnt need as many pain killers.

I will always be grateful to Martin for this and  the birth of my son was a lot easier for me" D.B Harrrow Middx


"I gave up my fear of pigeons and now feel more in control while walking in the park.

This has enhanced my life as I can now go for lovely walks and enjoy myself.

Martin I am grateful to you thanks" Abby from High Wycombe



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